By Jillian Phillips, PhD

Moving for health isn't a new idea, but still, not everyone does it even though there's 100% agreement on its importance. There appears to be a sedentary lifestyle that is being embraced now more than ever. Walking has always been a great exercise even though it appears to be difficult for many to get into a regular focused schedule…we all walk, right? But any movement is better than sitting, which isn't exercise unless you are doing seated Taiji and/or Qigong. HA!…gotcha on that one. The greatest benefit of these particular movements is that they relieve STRESS which is considered to be related to an abundance of other physical & mental issues. A regular practice of Taiji and/or Qigong helps one to develop a habit of allowing the sense of inner pressure (stress) to pass and be replaced with a sense of inner peace. Besides stress, the other things that can be accomplished from a regular commitment to the practice of Taiji and/or Qigong movements are:

  • Better structural support for the body (Balance);
  • Keeping full range of motion possible;
  • Massages internal organs;
  • Stretches everything inside you lengthwise down to the smallest muscles & ligaments;
  • Laterally twists soft tissues in order to give you access to areas of your body, which may be difficult to reach in order to have an effect;
  • Helps all of the fluids to circulate evenly inside your body;
  • Increases your Qi (Energy) flow;
  • Increases your breathing capacity; and
  • Establishes & stabilizes the bio-mechanics alignments of the body.

    If you don't use it, you will more-than-likely lose it,
    along with everything else.