Tai Chi for Arthritis & Fall Prevention is a program that was designed by Dr. Paul Lam and a group of medical & Taiji experts at the Tai Chi For Health Institute in Australia. It has gained worldwide acceptance by Arthritis Foundations & Societies, and has been validated thru ongoing scientific studies to be safe & effective. Dr. Lam & his authorized Master Trainers conduct global workshops to qualify many as instructors thru certification programs. Instructors are trained to teach this program safely & effectively to people with or without arthritis, other health-related issues, as well as no apparent issues at all!

This program is based on a short form of the SUN style Taiji. SUN is the last of the five (5) most popular Taiji styles that were created. SUN movements are noted as having self-empowering healing for health & well-being as the goal. The characteristic of SUN Taiji that is most important with the Tai Chi for Arthritis & Fall Prevention program is the stepping method that is used. It helps students to slow down and be more aware of their movements & where they are stepping in order to avoid (hopefully) slips and falls by having better balance and more confidence while functioning within their daily activities.

The reason is the advance & retreat steps that are followed by a half step forward or backward. This is different from the other styles of Taijiquan, such as the Yang style, where the bow stance is widely employed for the postures. When SUN style movements are practiced, the body weight is constantly shifting between the two (2) legs. This way of stepping emphasizes the good control of balance between the transference of body weight so that the movements can be performed smoothly without a jerk, pause, or sudden increase in speed. When a student gets into the habit of moving this way, both in & out of class, the awareness becomes natural and balance is more likely to be in better control. After all, most everyone "steps" to get around, so a daily practice of at least this part of it can be easily managed.

NOTE: Some sort of focused movement is essential to keep strong & flexible muscles, joints & bones, and vessels & organs lubricated, so YOU can keep movin' & groovin', because if you don't, everything stagnates leaving you sitting or lying down in a miserable clump. Hallelujah! - there's a seated version of Tai Chi for Arthritis & Fall Prevention as well. So you see, there's no excuse for not moving!

TCA (or TCAFP) (Tai Chi for Arthritis & Fall Prevention) is the only program of its kind. Sometimes it's masqueraded as Tai Chi for Health by someone who isn't certified, making it appear that it's part of Dr. Lam's institute, but it isn't if that is how it's presented. All Taiji styles are for health, but not specifically for arthritis & fall prevention. It's unfortunate that there are a few people who have claimed, in spite of the many studies & reports, that this program "does not work," and have created their own. And while those particular Taiji classes do contain the usual health benefit of Taiji movement in general, they don't have any visible connection to an actual safe stepping & balance focus being taught in a TCA class.

This limited opinion of a failure in the program is unsubstantiated because those instructors have failed to recognize that when they have students who exhibit a rather lackadaisical commitment to class attendance, and do not use an awareness of movement in their daily lives, (nor is it pointed out how to do so in class), of course it's not going to "work!" To be fair, no matter how much anyone practices, there are times when awareness is not present and injuries happen. If you want a REAL Tai Chi for Arthritis & Fall Prevention class, always ask what the instructor's qualifications are, and what is actually being taught, (is it TCA's SUN style, or another style), before signing up for a class that may not be exactly what you are looking for. It's the wording that hooks you…it is what it is!