Patience, Grasshopper!
All students ask how long it will take to learn a Taiji style, and when they will begin to feel the benefits of Taiji and/or Qigong, and the answer is always…"not today!" Then they ask why, and this is the best explanation: "Learning Taiji and/or Qigong is a slow physical and mental process that requires a personal commitment of time for learning & practice. This is one of the most important journeys you will take in your lifetime, and, YOU are in control of it."
I provide private Taiji and/or Qigong instruction in your home, or other place of choice, in Columbus Ohio and surrounding areas. The learning process is more comfortable in a place where the student will be practicing. Small groups can be scheduled and paid per person in advance, and are nice for first-timers. It's fun to learn with friends when there is a mutual commitment, even though everyone has their own learning curve.
  1. The rules and fees are the same for EVERY student.
  2. The classes are for one (1) hour plus fifteen (15) minutes, begin promptly, and end as close to the agreed schedule as possible.
  3. There is a commitment for attending a block of five (5) classes with a non-refundable payment (cash or check) of sixty dollars ($60). The reason for this is that I feel it is important to give it a good try with some exposure to the discipline involved in a committed practice, and one or two classes are NOT sufficient for this decision!
  4. I have a "FREEBIE" policy that gives a FREE class for students after completing each of their five (5) blocks of classes. However, if there are two (2) missed classes, whether in a row or not, the counting goes back to the beginning. Quite frankly, this is a good deal, I mean who gives free classes like that these days. While YOUR commitment is important, I really want you to learn this, so this is my commitment to make it a little easier for you.
  5. Of course, if a student doesn't want to continue, no questions asked. However, I will be found crying in my kitchen while spooning into a pint of BEN&JERRY’S or Häagen-Dazs®.