If you are going to go to all of the trouble of finding a class, signing up, and paying for it, then a level of commitment is expected. Your teacher will be there, so you should be as well. It's disturbing to everyone to have a student be haphazard in their attendance, then decide to show up, and have to be given instructions on what they missed. This sets the class back for those who attend regularly.

What about when you leave and go home? If you are going to a Taiji for Arthritis & Fall Prevention class, it will be of no benefit to you if you attend once-a-week, go home, and move around with the same NON-awareness as before. In order for it to be effective in helping your balance, and prevent falls, an awareness of the movements & concepts that you have learned in class must be incorporated into your daily life; otherwise, it's a waste of time & money.

The classes can have a lasting effect on a new way of awareness of moving & breathing, but only if you commit to the process. Doing something for yourself is empowering, and gives you relief from stress, and health benefits that no physician or medication can give you…ever!