Jilly by Logan1
Jillian "Jilly" Phillips
Péng Mùlán
Columbus, OH (USA)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I discovered Taiji in 2009 and after twelve (12) "introductory classes" I knew that it was something I needed to continue. The benefits can only be fully imagined when you experience the process firsthand. While it cannot promise to eliminate everything that ails you completely, it does a good job of making things that are manageable less constricting while providing the practitioner with those wonderful "ahhhh" moments. Movements, slow and deliberate with awareness of your body, are the key. It doesn't happen all at once, but it does happen IF you commit to doing something for yourself and take the time to learn it. In 2013, I spent 48 days in China that included 30 days at the Wudang Kung Fu & Tai Chi School to get a more up close & personal experience, and I got every bit of that and more.

My college degrees are in English Language & Literature/Creative Writing, with a very small minor in art, and I have a doctorate from the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. (I didn't follow the normal schedule for college after prep school, so I must say that all of that took a very long time.) I freelance various creative writing projects that find their way to my desk.

I keep true to a practice of Ba Duan Jin (Eight-Piece Brocade) to begin the day. Since I actively teach it, Tai Chi for Arthritis & Fall Prevention, (a short version of SUN style), is reviewed as well for the ongoing and elusive perfection that is the nature of Taiji. Yang24 & Sun73 are part of a continuing learning process that I try to fit into the week.

Premier Instructor, Tai Chi for Health Institute
Certified Tai Chi for Arthritis Instructor
Certified Tai Chi for Fall Prevention Instructor
Certified Tai Chi for Rehabilitation Instructor

Certified to “instruct” Ba Duan Jin Qigong (Medical)
International Qigong Federation; Taipei, Taiwan

I prefer not to scatter myself about so I try to keep close to a set schedule of a few good classes that are open to more lasting results gained from the student's personal commitment. I have three (3) private students that I've had since the beginning of my teaching journey, and they understand that there are always new areas to explore. They know that learning the movements is only the first step, and then, diligently apply the Principles of Practice to them. The movements will always need attention.

I teach two (2) regular classes with a total of 48 students, (one for TCA Part 1/new students & one for TCA Part 2/continuing students), for a physician whose patients benefit from the knowledge. The two (2) TCA classes incorporate standing movements that assist in body awareness and balance. Both classes have several wheelchair-bound students for the seated Taiji that helps to keep their joints and muscles from wasting away. The third class is for those students who want to learn Qigong movements that focus entirely on stimulating and/or rejuvenating each organ of the body. All of the classes are slow and relaxing while making it possible for the students to remember what they have done so they can include the awareness of moving & breathing in their daily lives.

I encourage the students who are not dealing with severe health issues to attend workshops to learn other perspectives for their practice, and to also get a taste of how the other half lives!

This is meant to be a new beginning…
If you do it right, you'll have many teachers on your journey!
Effective October 1, 2016
I have signed a contract with a specialty group to teach TCA classes for 24 weeks to six (6) students (ages 15, 16, 17) who have been selected because of their interest & needs. For this particular journey, the students are a delightful mix of high-energy with varying degrees of even higher IQ's, and they are already in college! There were five (5) requirements to pass as an instructor: 1) approved (by the physician) observance of the 2 TCA classes I teach so there’s an idea of what's involved; 2) Tai Chi teaching certification (any style); 3) a formidable IQ that fits with the group; 4) approval from the parents after interviews, and 5) the ability of teacher & students to interact right away because of the nature of the personalities involved.

NOTE: As a result of my trip to Taiwan for Qigong advancement, not-to-mention lots of begging, we added Ba Duan Jin Qigong to the class schedule for this group (effective 11/6/2016) and it's proving to be one of the most intriguing activities for these awesome students. It appears dedication is going further than I could ever have imagined and they are in for the duration.
Nín hăo ~ Annie! Cynthia! Julia! Lynn! Serah! Susan!
May 18-29, 2015
I was thrilled to be invited to teach an Introduction to Tai Chi class based on Dr. Lam's program at my old alma mater Columbus School For Girls in Bexley Ohio. Twenty (20) students signed up to try something they hadn't tried before and Tai Chi won! I chose TCA because the movements represent a sampling of those that appear in all of the Tai Chi forms and have proved to be a good way to begin. Time constrictions (only 5 one-hour classes) didn't allow for detailed instruction on refining any the movements but the general idea of what Tai Chi is all about was covered enough for them to understand how it feels to move with a certain flow. Since Tai Chi is a different way of both standing and moving, it presented a challenge for that age group (14 years old) that was met with the charm and grace that I expected from CSG students. It was a good experience for me as well, as it should have been.

I don't Twit, or any of those other social media things, BUT every now & then you can find me on FACEBOOK.