There are many reasons for the slowness of Taiji and its unique approach truly justifies the name “Supreme Ultimate.” Out of all the martial arts systems in the world, Taiji is probably the only system that is practiced with an emphasis on moving slowly & gently. Since it’s considered a martial art, it’s especially distinguishable because Taiji practitioners can still find within themselves the power to be able to compete with any one person, or multiple attackers, without thinking about it. It’s the “non-think thinking” subconscious focus that serious practitioners manage to eventually develop within themselves. The brilliance of Taiji's slow approach is multi-faceted because this slowness:
  • Gives us time to meld mind, breath, & body;
  • Encourages relaxation that helps us develop reflexive movement that will eventually be faster than mere attempted speed;
  • Lowers our blood pressure, soothes our nerves, loosens our joints, and encourages blood circulation;
  • Develops internal energy by coordinating the flow of that energy with the moment of a strike or kick;
  • Forces our muscles to work harder thereby developing them in a way that speed or weight-resistance exercises cannot;
  • Prunes out sloppiness because we really have to be able to do the movement, and not rely on speed, momentum, weight, or aggression;
  • Cultivates calmness, the ultimate requirement in life and in a fight; and
  • Allows the practitioner to discover the spirit and how it shimmers in the moment of the movement.