DEFINITION: n. qigong (pronounced "gee-gung"): means "Energy Cultivation." It's the grand overriding structure of the martial arts, and is considered the central practice of the "internal" arts. It's the cultivation of our "Vital Life Energy." From a scientific standpoint, it's the practice of activating, refining & circulating our bio-electrical field that maintains & supports the function of organs & tissues.

Qigong is a complete energy science & art that teaches individuals how to mindfully breathe more fully from all parts of their bodies, especially from the energy/balance center called the Dantien (elixir field), specifically located in the lower part of the abdomen just slightly below the navel. When the movements are done daily, it can have a profound effect on our vitality & health that has the ability to expand into our mental & spiritual disciplines.

It is a powerful & precise method of healing, whereby the vital Qi (Chi) Energy is pushed thru the Meridian Channels that are connected to our inner organs by using slow, steady & focused movements in order to stimulate & massage them. All of this is done while promoting mental concentration, breathing techniques, and meditation. When all of these come together, they provide a balance of energies by helping us to focus on circulating & strengthening our inner core (Qi). A daily practice of Qigong can help us to achieve greater vitality & overall better health, manage and/or lessen the effects of disease, and help us to experience tranquility of mind.

Qigong training is deeply rooted in the philosophy & principles of Taoism and Chinese medicine, where it is believed that most diseases & illnesses plaguing human beings are primarily caused by their unnatural ways of living and improper use of Qi (life-force, bio-electric energy, breath power).

Qigong practice is usually performed by holding specific static upper-body postures and/or by moving in rhythmic ways while standing, seated, lying down, or walking. These gentle yet powerful exercises can greatly help restore one's original essence by purging-out accumulated toxins and converting stagnant negative forces into cleaner more dynamic energy, leaving the body feeling lighter, recharged and more vibrant. And traditionally, Qigong training has always been at the root of many of the more enlightened martial arts systems and genuine healing & spiritual traditions of Asian cultures.