Finding your Root thru your Stance is the most important common denominator in all of the Taijiquan & Qigong movements. It must be the constant factor in your practice and will help you to Be Aware of your body & surroundings by connecting all of it thru your Rooted movements. When you do it right, you will feel it!
  1. The body must be straight but relaxed, in an upright position and not lean in any one direction. Be peaceful & natural; do not be tense.
  2. Acknowledge that Gravity is your friend and give in to it. The body’s center of gravity is in one of these 3 places:
    • on the left foot;
    • on the right foot, or
    • in the middle (Bubbling Well).
  3. You must hold the head up straight and feel as though a string is attached to the crown of your head and that you are being suspended by it like a puppet.
  4. Maintain a strong mental focus that keeps the mind concentrated on the reason behind each movement so that your internal & external energies are well integrated.
  5. Breathing must be even, regular & natural; do not hold or constrict the breath.
  6. The eyes should focus & concentrate on the direction in which the Qi flows. Follow the directions that are described in each of the movements:
    • follow your hands;
    • look off into the distance;
    • look up;
    • look down; 
    • focus on near & distant objects simultaneously; and/or
    • move the eyes from side to side.
  7. In even the slightest movement, the whole body must move;
    • do not let any part stop separately.
  8. Movement must be smooth and regular;
    • do not suddenly speed up or slow down.